‘Not Us Training Our Own Manager’: Jamba Juice Worker Has To Train Own Manager, Sparking Debate

A worker at Jamba Juice claimed on TikTok that they had to train their manager on the job, igniting a conversation about the role of management and who should hold the position.

In a video with over 596,000 views, someone holds their hand over their mouth, and it’s intercut with security camera footage of someone receiving training. “Not us training our own manager,” the text overlay on the video reads.

After @jambaactivities posted the videos, some viewers pointed out that a manager who is new on the job is going to require training at some point, regardless of who performs it.

“Managerial qualifications and knowing how to run a POS are two different things…. Just saying,” one user wrote.

“I mean if they just got hired for manager u cant expect them to know it immediately,” added another.

The TikToker claimed these issues could have been resolved had they simply promoted someone internally. “…jobs should focus on promoting people that already work in the company instead of hiring someone who has no idea what they’re doing,” they offered in response.

This led to other users sharing their own stories of their time with management.

“In warehouses it’s even worse,” claimed a commenter. “Some managers are fresh from college not [knowing] how to scan.”

“I sometimes get embarrassed as a 16 year old having to train a 25 year old,” shared a second.

“I will never forget when i trained the supervisor that supervised multiple stores,” recalled a third.

“I work at a coffee shop and my manager can’t even handle doing bar for an hour without panicking,” alleged a further user.

Additional users questioned the practice of hiring outside management in general.

“Idk how managers can qualify for these positions when their employees know more than them,” a user wrote.

“I don’t get it tbh,” another echoed. “if you’re ‘above me’ you need to teach me not vice versa imma need that title pay.”

“Hiring a store manager outside of the company is so crazy to me,” concluded a TikToker. “They have no idea how to do anything but are expected to lead??”

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