‘Like Why Do Managers Hate Employees Being Friends’: ‘toxic’ Manager Says He Doesn’t Schedule Employees Who Are Friends On The Same Shift, Sparking Debate

A manager went viral on TikTok after he shared a satirical video where he says he doesn’t schedule employees who are friends together on the same shift.

The short clip features user Retail King (@retailkingb) as he plays “the toxic manager.” In the overlay text, he writes, “two of the employees are getting along Becoming close friends They even go to break together. Time to make sure they are never scheduled to work the same shift ever again.”

“No Freind[sic] Zone,” the retail manager added in the caption.

The video has been viewed 1.2 million times as of Wednesday, leaving viewers confused as to why managers don’t want co-worker friends to work the same shift. Many took the video at face value, with one writing, “like why do managers hate employees being friends.”

One user claiming to be a manager chimed in their differing opinion about workplace friends.

“I schedule besties together they are more comfortable working together and happier honestly better mood and they work more efficiently,” they wrote.

A third user criticized the “toxic manager,” saying, “Mmhm and watch how production drops cause you separated your power team and put them with slackers they can’t stand being with.”

With the comments flooded with people believing the video as fact, the Retail King clarified in a comment that the video was a joke and a part of this “toxic manager” series.

This isn’t the first time the creator has gone viral on TikTok. In past videos, he praises an ideal employee called “Ashley”, sparking debate about managers’ expectations of a retail worker.

In a past statement, the TikToker shared, “My TikToks are loosely based on my past and current experience as a retail manager. My videos show the ups, downs and roller coaster of a ride of retail and management.”

When reached for comment for this video, Retail King told that he created the series to showcase “bad behavior on the management side,”

“However, I know that most managers create a horrible workplace environment,” he said. “Hopefully, some managers watch and reflect and change their toxic manager behavior to create a positive work environment.”

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