‘I’ve Been Miserable For A Good While Now’: Worker Abruptly Quits Her Job Without A 2-weeks’ Notice

People are quitting their jobs in swathes. In the midst of “the Great Resignation,” only 65% of people are satisfied with their jobs, while 26% of people want to quit their current roles, according to 2022 research report by Zippia.

Several people who have taken the jump to leave their jobs have shared their experiences on social media platforms, and yet another creator, who left her job at a clinic, is no exception. TikTok user Odalis (@odalispm3) has gone viral after sharing her decision to abruptly leave their job.

Her viral clip, which received over 74,000 views as of Sunday, shows her last day of work as a clinic case manager on Aug. 19.

“I’ve been miserable for a good while now. I can’t find the motivation,” she wrote in the text overlay.

Odalis later added that she didn’t give her job a two-week notice before leaving. “No two-week notice. Just a letter of resignation,” she wrote.

“I’ll be okay,” she shared in the caption. “My mental health matters more than any job. im ready for whatever is next.”

In the comments section, several viewers supported Odalis’ decision to leave.

“Good for you amiga no one needs an explanation! Wishing you the best,” one person wrote.

“Wish u all the best,” a second echoed.

Sending you good vibes,” a third said.

In addition, there were floods of comments from users sharing how quitting their job has improved their mental health.

“I’ve been wanting to quit my job for the past 3 years,” one user said. “I handed in my 2 week notice and tomorrow is finally my last day, I have never felt so relieved.”

“I had zero boundaries at my old job,” another shared. “I quit and it’s still the best decision I made for my mental health. I stopped taking anxiety medication too.”

“Thank you for putting yourself first!” a third added. “I had quit my job a few months back to concentrate on my physical health and mental health. Best decision ever.”

However, many viewers claimed to be contemplating leaving their jobs but feel trapped in them.

“Debating on leaving my job for this reason:/,” one said. “It’s good and everyone is proud of me but the thought of it makes me miserable.”

Another stated, “In the same position but I think about all the bills I have to pay and I try to hold on.”

In a follow-up video, Odalis shares that after five days of unemployment, she’s received multiple interview opportunities. She adds that more employers got back to her than when she was applying to jobs while still employed.

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