‘The Meter Was Still Running’: Customer Says Gas Pump Was Pumping Out Air, Still Charging Her At Quiktrip

It’s no secret that gas prices in America have been skyrocketing ever since the Ukraine crisis started and that no one is happy about it. Despite that, nobody expected they’ll start getting charged even if the pump station wasn’t pumping out fuel.

Well, that is precisely what happened to Bianca Tillis, who went on TikTok under their username @sculptphysiquesbybe to post a recording of the gas pump meter still running with no fuel coming out of the nozzle.

The video begins with an overlay: “So this happened to me at Quicktrip in Halton City on Denton Hwy.” The TikToker then shows themselves pulling the nozzle out of the car and no fuel coming out. They eventually get an attendant to stop the meter. Bianca points out “if I was not recording, they would not believe me.”

The video went viral on TikTok and currently has over 733,000 views.

People commenting on the video responded by sharing their own bad experiences, while others gave advice on how to avoid risky situations while at the pump.

“As someone who used to work at a gas station, ALWAYS go inside and put a set amount,” one TikToker said.

“This happened to me too in Vegas! Something’s up with these gas pumps y’all,” another said.

Some commenters said they’ll have to start recording at pumps themselves.

“I’m going to start recording my visits to the pumps now,” one said.

“Damn I’m going to record every time I fill up now!” another user agreed.

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