‘We Should’ve Just Gone To Chipotle Lol’: Woman Says She Spent $36 At Publix Just On Ingredients To Make Her Boyfriend A Chicken Sandwich, Sparking Debate

In a viral video, TikToker Danielle Walawender (@daniellewal2468) shared with her followers that she spent $36 just on ingredients for a chicken sandwich at her local Publix.

“Going out to eat might be cheaper than groceries at this point,” the caption said.

“I went to Publix to get food to make my BF a chicken sandwich and it was $36??? We should’ve just gone to Chipotle lol,” the overlay text said.

In the comments section, some users debate over Publix pricing while others defend the supermarket.

“Just buy a pub sub,” one user said.

“Chick fil A would in fact have been cheaper lol,” Walawender responded.

“But now you can make multiple sandwiches! still pretty expensive tho lol,” another commented.

“I’m boycotting Publix right now. They’re just price gouging at this point,” a third user said.

​​”I will forever fight the good fight in defending Publix until my last breath,” another user commented.

Multiple users commented that now Walabender has ingredients for multiple sandwiches, however, the creator revealed the trip to Publix made only two sandwiches.

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