‘Zero Out Of 10’: Progressive Insurance Worker Quits—along With Nearly Half Of Their Training Class

A former alleged employee of insurance company Progressive has gone viral after claiming they, along with about half of the other trainees in their beginning class, quit their jobs.

In a two-part series, user @shanball starts by retracting a former, positive video saying she was hired to work at the company. The video currently has over 200,000 views.

“I take it back. I take it all back,” she says. “Do not recommend. Zero out of 10. Negative 10 out of 10”

In a follow-up, she shows job reviews from sites like Indeed to which she claims to agree with, though she says that one was “maybe written by” herself.

The video cites numerous issues such as a lack of training, constant surveillance, being reprimanded for using the bathroom, and more.

“Those are all employee reviews I found online,” she explains. “I wish I had found those two months ago.”

She also claims that the training sessions made constant references to “drinking the Kool-Aid,” explaining in a comment that they were allegedly “telling us over and over we needed to ‘drink Flo’s Kool-Aid.’”

As @shanball notes in her video, “drinking the Kool-Aid” is a reference to the Jonestown Massacre, in which a group of over 900 people under considerable pressure either voluntarily or forcefully consumed poisoned Flavor Aid, thus killing them.

However, when it comes to the positives of the job, @shanball does note that the “pay and benefits are pretty decent.”

Despite this, @shanball claims the toxic work environment led many of her co-workers to leave their positions.

“It’s not just me, because nearly half the training class I started with is no longer there,” she details.

In comments, users shared similar experiences at both Progressive and other insurance companies.

“I was a injury adjuster for Statefarm,” one user wrote. “I feel you.”

“I had interview with liberty Mutual with the recruiter who was snarky af,” a second added. “I skipped my 1st interview and they text me to interview for A YEAR.”

“Can confirm everything that was said,” a third shared. “Getting out of the call centers is a huge difference. Get into a local office and the pay is better and calmer.”

Still, some shared their positive experiences with the company.

“I actually started as an adjuster at Progressive.. its tough but if you stick it out it opens many doors,” a commenter offered. “Im now a litigated GL adjuster…with a much better work/life and MUCH more pay at a different company but it was prog training me on claims from the ground up that got me here!”

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