Pregnant Couple From Texas Is Left Deflated After Very Underwhelming Gender Announcement

Gender reveal parties are all the rage, to the point that some expectant parents are feeling more pressure than ever to deliver on their big announcements. We've seen colored smoke, guessing games, dance parties, and gender reveal cakes. It seems the more creative and unique, the better.
You're about to meet a couple from Duncanville, Texas, who agonized over their gender reveal party after getting pregnant with their first child. They wanted to make a splash ... but how would they announce the gender to their party guests? What if a mistake was made? What would be easy, but also exciting and impactful?

The parents-to-be ultimately decided on a more common tactic: popping a giant balloon bought from a local party store that would fill it with either blue or pink confetti.

The expectant mom said she was literally having nightmares for weeks about something going wrong. She spoke with three staff members at the party store just to make sure everything was correct and in place for their big reveal.

In this clip, the couple pops the balloon in front of their loved ones, expecting a burst of colorful confetti to explode all around them.

Instead, they're left totally confused and utterly deflated. "Are you freaking kidding me?" one of their guest cries.

Because the only thing inside the balloon? Let's just say it's a little more lackluster than what they hoped for.

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