People share 'accurate names' kids gave things after man reveals niece's genius name for aquariums

Even if you've never been around a kid in your entire adult life, you're probably aware of the fact that tiny humans are notorious for saying the "darnedest things." While this adorable trait of theirs can sometimes land their parents in awkward situations, there are times when a child's literal approach to language produces some unexpectedly wise and observant anecdotes. People recently got talking about the keen observational skills that kids possess after TikTok user Dedrick Flynn—who goes by the username @deddyfatstacks on the platform—shared in a viral video that his niece had come up with a brilliant name for aquariums: water zoos.
"My niece just called an aquarium a water zoo... and now I have a lot to think about," Flynn says in the video. "Because she's not wrong. She's more than right." Thousands flocked to the comment section of the video—which also featured a text overlay that reads "Little kids can accurately name anything"—sharing countless other examples of accurate and hilarious names children have christened everyday things in life. "My son calls cupcakes 'party muffins,'" TikTok user Jennifer Parham commented with a cry-laughing emoji. "My son called an exclamation mark a loud period when he was in kindergarten," revealed another TikToker named Niss.

"My daughter didn't know the word for thirsty so she said she was 'water hungry,'" shared Cherrone. "When my daughter was a toddler she called tears 'PANIC WATER.' I mean u ain't wrong sis," revealed another TikTok user named Brandee Glass. "My nephew says it's ashy outside when it's a foggy day," commented Miya Elizabeth. Meanwhile, another revealed that their co-worker's granddaughter called seagulls "beach chickens" and someone named Kavonne Martin commented: "My daughter called gray 'light black.'" The video soon gained more than 860,000 views and even caught the attention of stars like Kevin Bacon who took to the comments section, writing: "It seems so obvious once they say it."
It didn't take long for the conversation to spread to Twitter after @innergnmotion shared screenshots of some of the comments under Flynn's viral video. "This guy made a TikTok saying his niece called an aquarium a 'water zoo,' and the comments [let me know] kids are not from earth," they tweeted, garnering more than 225,000 likes and 39,500 retweets. Soon, more internet users responded with examples of the "accurate names" they'd heard kids give everyday things.

"My 8 yo called Waffle House 'hibachi breakfast,'" wrote user Patrick. "My seven-year-old niece calls French toast sticks 'syrup fries,'" wrote user Rita Marie Gordon. "My daughter called humidity 'chunky air' today...," user Stacy Hennigan wrote. "My brother used to call it a lobster mall," user @reeltalktherapy said of Flynn's video. "My son has renamed meatloaf — ketchup brownies, cashews — moon peanuts, and pant legs are leg sleeves," user @tikitries2022 wrote. "My daughter says a unicorn is just a horse wearing a party hat. She's got a point, to be honest," commented @DaveWild1980. "My little sister heard crickets outside and was trying to describe it to me… She said you know that noise when someone tells a joke and nobody laughs," shared @AllenaBabyy. Which one is your favorite?

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