Shops Looted, Ferrari Jumped On And Police Assaulted As Friday Night Chaos Ensues

Look, there's a wild night out in London and then there's what happened Friday 12 August.

Hoards of people took to Oxford Street this past Friday, looting shops, jumping on a Ferrari, and assaulting police.

The Met were called to the chaos in central shortly before 6pm, with footage of the incident being shared on social media.
American candy shops were among those looted. Credit: @ragulan55/TikTok
Clips showed crowds of people descending on Oxford Street, some rushing into stores to steal candy and fizzy drinks, which aren't really worth being arrested for but that's a separate issue.

Others were caught up amongst the crowd, with luxury cars trying to move through central London only to be stopped by the hoards of people gathered.

Police officers were also assaulted while trying to contain the crowds.

And the infamous American candy shops were among those hardest hit, with one clip showing a shop closing its shutters and trying to get stock left on the street back into the store.

Following the incident, the Met Police have put a Dispersal Order in place around Oxford Circus.
Luxury cars tried to make their way through the crowd. Credit: @ragulan55/TikTok
A spokesperson for the force said: "Police were called at 17:53hrs to Oxford Circus W1 to a group of youths gathering and concerns around a fight.

"Officers responded. Several pockets of youths are reported to have entered a number of shops and stolen various items. Several arrests have been made for theft and assault on police. Police continue work to disperse them. A Section 60 and Section 35 Dispersal Order are in place. The National Police Air Service provided assistance."

Footage of the chaotic crowds has since gone viral on TikTok, with users quickly weighing in with their thoughts.

One expected police to find the looters pretty quickly: "Damn, some peoples door gonna go through in a couple days."
The Met Police issued a statement following the incident. Credit: Credit: @ragulan55/TikTok
While another seconded that opinion, adding: "Facial recognition cameras all over oxford street so most will get knock at the door."

A third was actually sympathetic to the looters: "With the prices for everything raised and money becoming harder to get. I don't blame them. In fact I wish I joined."

Another thought it was a pretty standard Friday night: "Love how people are shocked about this let’s be honest when was London not like this."

While one user suggested that the looting was down to a broken justice system: "The problem is not those kids the problem is justice system that is not working…they feel no remorse cos there is no punishment whatsoever."

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is yet to comment on the incident.

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