‘Just Got Denied Because We Are Not 30’: Tiktokers Get Denied At Bar With Age Requirement, Sparking Debate

A pair of TikTokers recently went viral after they were denied entry to a Los Angeles bar because they were underage. However, the two women were not under the age of 21—they were both under 30 years old, the entry age limit for Melody Bar and Grill on Friday and Saturday nights.

User Cher (@chergoodeats) starts, “I just got denied at Melody Sports Bar & Grill because—”

“We are not 30,” interjects her friend @willworkforcalamari. “Not 21! Thirty!”

“You gotta be 30 years old to come on a Friday and Saturday night,” Cher concludes.

The video currently has over 603,000 views.

In a follow-up, Cher says she meant no disrespect in her video and gives a genuine recommendation to the bar and grill. She claims she was simply expressing her surprise at the policy as it was an apparently recent move on the part of the bar.

“I’m sure when I turn 30 I’m going to appreciate the policy, and it’s not that I don’t appreciate the policy now…” she notes. “Y’all pull up to Melody Bar & Grill and give them the business, for real. I will clearly be there Sunday through Thursday, but please party for me on Friday through Saturday!”

She then posted another video recommending the bar, giving more details about the bar and how viewers can visit.

It is unclear when the bar and grill started this policy. One Yelp review referencing the 30+ weekends was posted in June of this year and seemed to imply the policy was new.

However, users on TikTok seemed to like the idea.“All the 30 year olds like ‘take me to the promise land,’” one user wrote.

“You will appreciate this when you hit 30,” another added.

“Why am I now learning that there’s 30 and up bars!? That seems nice,” a third offered. “I bet the bathrooms are clean.”

“At 21 I would be annoyed but now at 30 I get it,” a further user concluded. “I love it.”

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