Ohio Mom Of 3 Dies Days After Her Entire Family, Including Fiancé And Kids, Die In Crash

Ohio mother of three Muriel Michael has died following injuries she sustained in a two-vehicle car crash over the first weekend of April.
Muriel was traveling with her fiancé, Xavier Brown, and three children, Deklan Jankowski, Aurora Michael, and Riggs William Brown. Xavier and Deklan died at the scene of the crash.

Muriel was driving when the car she and her family were traveling in was hit by an SUV that failed to stop. The driver, 21-year-old Zane Hull, did not yield the right of way.
The driver of the SUV did not suffer life-threatening injuries. Muriel Michael's children Aurora and Riggs were flown to the nearby Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center, where they succumbed to their injuries.
Deklan and Aurora attended classes at Evergreen Elementary. Superintendent Eric J. Smola released a statement about the children, beginning, "Today’s loss of two Evergreen Elementary students and their family members is devastating to the Viking community."
He continued, "On behalf of Evergreen Local Schools, our hearts, prayers, and condolences go out to all who were involved in the tragic auto accident. In addition to its counseling team, Evergreen will also have therapy dogs and counselors from neighboring school districts and agencies available this week to help our students and staff cope with this incredibly sad loss."
Muriel's obituary has also been posted online, noting that the pair had truly blended their sweet family. As it notes, "To Xavier and Muriel, family was the most important part of their lives – more important than anything else. Xavier accepted children who were not biologically his – but with Muriel, together they created an incredible family."
The obituary continues, "Their family situation was interesting and loving. Xavier and Muriel’s outlook on life brought lives together and focused on what they believed was most important, creating a great future with their family and friends."
The obituary also notes that the pair were known for being loving and accepting: "Muriel and Xavier had an open home, one filled with energy and life. They made all feel welcome to their home. They were a positive influence on many. Those that knew them were better because of them. This was a special family. They worked to ensure people felt connected and valued. They extended themselves to not only their friends and family, but also to their greater community. They made everyone feel included, accepted, and loved."

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