Mom Thinks Baby Died Until Firefighters Say Family Dog Made Ultimate Sacrifice To Save Her

In August 2016, Erika Poremski was at home in Baltimore with her eight-month-old daughter Viviana and dog Polo when a nasty storm blew out the electricity. Erika lit some candles in the dark and tried to make a phone call, but her battery was dead. She rushed outside to charge her phone from the car.
It only took moments for the nightmare to unfold. By the time Erika looked back at her home from inside the car, she was met with a horrific sight: her house was on fire with Viviana and Polo trapped inside.

The smoke was so heavy that Erika couldn't get past the staircase downstairs. The skin on her hand melted off as she grabbed the railing — but she was so determined to save Viviana that she barely noticed her injuries. By this point, her neighbors had also gathered around to try and help, but no one could make it upstairs to reach the little girl.

Firefighters arrived to the scene and burst into the home. Erika stood outside in shock and panic, fearing it was too late and that Viviana did not make it.

After a few horrifying minutes, the fire crew emerged from the flames with the eight-month-old baby cradled in their arms. Miraculously, Viviana was still alive.

But then the firefighters told Erika what her beloved dog Polo had done as the flames engulfed her house...

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