Missing Teen Sends Letter To Mom 5 Years After Disappearance And Says She's Still Alive

In 2013, Pam Massimiani hugged her 14-year-old daughter Emily goodnight. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.
But the next morning at 6:30 a.m., Emily Wynell Paul walked out of her Florida home with a suitcase full of clothes and her Xbox. She got into a car that was being driven by an unnamed driver.

Emily was listed as an "endangered runaway," and authorities spent five painstaking years searching for her. It was discovered that before her disappearance she'd been looking online for tips on how to run away from home and not be found.

The teen did, however, leave behind a three-page letter for her devastated family. She didn't say where she was going, only that she'd intentionally left on her own accord. She also said in the note that she might return home once she turned 18.

After that, Emily never signed back onto her Facebook account or any other social media account. Years passed without any confirmed sightings of her.

Then, five years after Emily took off without a trace, Pam shared a surprising update on Facebook. She said Emily had sent her a new letter, though the circumstances surrounding it were just as mysterious as ever before.

Only this time, the letter caused a chain of events that resulted in the Bay County Sheriff's Office closing the missing person case of Emily Paul.

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