McDonald's Worker Dies After Being Shot Following Argument Over 'Cold Fries'

A New York McDonald's worker who was shot in the neck during an argument over a customer's cold fries has died from his sustained injuries.
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As reported by the New York Post, Matthew Webb, 23, was attacked by gunman Michael Morgan, 20, on Monday (August 1) and was rushed to hospital in critical condition.

The New York Police Department confirmed on Friday (August 5) morning that after being declared brain dead, Webb has now passed away.

The worker was shot outside the fast food restaurant in Bedford-Stuyvesant following a heated dispute with the suspect's mother who was complaining about cold French fries.

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Video surveillance reportedly shows Morgan punching Webb in the face, and when the worker tried to get up, he discharges at him in his neck, before running and trying to dispose of his clothing, prosecutors alleged.

The gunman has already been charged with attempted murder and criminal possession of a loaded firearm for blasting at the employee.

His mom, Lisa Fulmore, complained to workers that her fries were cold, and reportedly, the workers began laughing at her, which prompted her to FaceTime her son.

Morgan then came to the restaurant and got into a confrontation with Webb that spilled out onto the sidewalk.

Prosecutors told a court hearing on Thursday (August 4) that Morgan was expected to face upgraded homicide charges, even before Webb’s death was confirmed.

Webb's devastated mother spoke to the New York Post outside Brooklyn's Brookdale Hospital and said: "I'm really not ready for this. I'm just going back and forth with so many flashes in mind. My mind is not stable."

The suspect's mom said claimed that her son was acting in self-defense and later told the police that her son told her "he gotta do what he gotta do".

Morgan was also charged with an earlier murder for allegedly killing 28-year-old Kevin Holloman in October 2021.

This story comes after a Subway employee was killed following a dispute with a customer over mayonnaise.

As reported by ABC News, back in June a customer at a Subway restaurant in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia, shot two employees after he became angry over how they had made his order.

Atlanta Police Deputy Chief Charles Hampton Jr. confirmed that one of the employees - a 26-year-old woman - was killed as a result of the shooting, which occurred on Sunday, June 26.

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Both employees had only worked in the Subway store for a matter of weeks.

One of the owners of the Subway, Willie Glenn, told ABC News, "A customer came in and he wasn't happy with the way his sandwich was made - there was too much mayonnaise on it."

Deputy Hampton confirmed that the customer became "upset" after determining that there was "something wrong with [his] sandwich", and "decided to take out his anger on two of the employees" in a "senseless act" of gun violence.

Glenn said: "I just never, ever, ever thought that any kind of situation would rise to that level. We've always been able to deescalate any situation. But this one just went from zero to 100 in a matter of seconds."

"Now we've got a young person who is probably going to spend the rest of his life in jail over a $7 sandwich and some mayonnaise," Glenn said.

The employer has praised both staff members, describing them as "excellent workers" that "got along great with everybody in the store."

Just model employees," Glenn said.

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