‘No Because I Had A Supervisor At Starbucks Time My Breaks’: Barista’s Video About Manager Criticizing Long Breaks Sparks Discussion

A video on TikTok purporting to show a Starbucks employee’s reaction to reading a note from management about long breaks has been viewed more than 149,000 times on the platform.

Posted by user Eddie (@aesthetic.moon), the video shows them reading off the note allegedly left in the kitchen of their Starbucks location criticizing the length of time employees are spending on breaks.

“When you come in and the manager wanna leave a note about taking long breaks,” the text overlay reads on the video.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, not every state mandates lunch and rest breaks, although states that do largely require two 15-minute rest breaks and one 30-minute lunch break.

“Let me walk about from this negativity.. cause imma take a 90 on a 15,” Eddie added in the caption.

The clip led some viewers to share their own bad experiences with breaks at Starbucks in the comments.

“For real they want us to make our food and drinks during our ten too so in reality we only get like eight-minute breaks,” one commenter wrote. “We deserve the full ten minutes.”

“No because I had a supervisor at Starbucks time my breaks,” another commenter wrote.

“When I sent my baristas on breaks I always did it at a time when I knew I could afford to not have them back right away because I get it lol.”

Others shared experiences of having their break times policed by bosses, although not necessarily at Starbucks.

“I once had this supervisor get mad at all of us for taking 20 minute breaks even though it was a three-minute walk to walk there and three to walk back from (the) room,” one commenter wrote. “She then had audacity to tell us it’s only 10 minutes to use those extra 5 minutes to walk so we all agree to take 30 minutes.”

“No because I literally took a couple more minutes on my break because I was waiting for my food and the shift lead went into the point of sale and was like, ‘You took too long of a break and I know you did because you ordered at this time,'” another commenter wrote. “He had me hot omg.”

“They monitor and time my bathroom breaks at work and if you take too many they write you up,” a commenter wrote.

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