‘The Law Is On My Side’: Woman Says Landlord Threw Away Her Stuff And Changed The Locks Despite Paying Rent

A Los Angeles-based TikToker has gone viral after sharing her story of being kicked out of her apartment, in which she had been residing and paying rent for two months.

In a series of four videos, user Kaci Jane (@ohitskacijane) documents the ordeal, including the landlord’s initial response and the eventual police involvement.

In the video that appears to have taken place first, Kaci Jane shows herself trying to enter her apartment accompanied by a team of professional security guards.

In this video, she identifies herself and explains that she just wants to get her belongings.

“This was before after not getting help for 5 days from cops on the phone,” she explains in the video’s caption. “I spoke with my lawyer who said I have every right to enter even if it meant breaking in which we didnt do. Being that this man is hostile, i hired licensed & profesional security to make sure he wouldnt hurt me.”

“You can see for yourself how calm we all are while hes being incredibly hostile when i just want my things,” she continued.

In another video, she shows her initial interaction with police, who appear to be understanding of her situation once they comprehend all of the details. The video also shows the moment when Kaci Jane realized that her belongings had been thrown away.

“I was a legal tenant there & he changed the locks, broke into my room, stole & damaged my things,” Kaci Jane explains in the caption of another TikTok.

A follow-up video shows the police’s interactions with the landlord.

In this video, the police officer remains calm, even as the landlord appears to threaten the officer.

“Ive had an amazing team of sargeants & deputities helping me since last friday,” Kaci Jane writes in the caption. “The law is on my side.”

A fourth video shows the aftermath of Kaci Jane having her clothes thrown away, which has involved “7.5 hours at the laundry matt & over $300 washing & rewashing the clothes that smelt so bad,” she claims in the caption.

“Had to throw away so much stuff,” she added.

According to the Los Angeles Housing Department, “A landlord cannot lock out or remove a tenant from their rental unit, even if the tenant is past due on rent or involved in eviction proceeding. The landlord must adhere to the unlawful detainer court process. Only a sheriff with a court order can execute a lockout after the tenant has been properly served with a valid notice, unlawful detainer summons, and either the tenant lost the case by default or at trial.”

Furthermore, “a tenant can seek legal assistance to regain possession of their unit and seek other damages.”

In comments, users showed their support for Kaci Jane and encouraged her to take further action.

“Don’t be scared to sue,” one user wrote. “Stack up evidence present it to lawyer bring all documents lease contract every detail every piece of cloth price n damages.”

“100% illegal , no matter the circumstances,” another added. “sue them for it & more. Landlords no matter the issues have to still follow protocols during the eviction.”

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