‘I Was Beyond Loyal’: Worker Says She Was Fired From Job She ‘loved,’ Sparking Debate

In a viral video, TikToker Whitney Mishelle Ringle (@whitringle) shared that she was fired from a job that she really enjoyed.

“I just got off my last call with my boss. My email just got deactivated. It’s officially over,” the overlay text said as Ringle appears stressed while looking at her computer screen from her home. “I loved my job so much. I was beyond loyal and loved this company. Time to relax and move forward.”

The video has over 145,500 views. Ringle reiterated that she “loved [her] job so much” in the caption.

“But.. I’m excited for a new journey. All good things must come to an end,” she continued.

In the comments section, users shared their similar experiences as well as advice.

“Your job will never love you back. It’s a hard lesson but a valuable one,” one user said.

“Just a reminder that it’s just a job and we’re ALL replaceable,” another commented.

“So much of this is happening in all companies it’s heartbreaking. It’s happening to all of my coworkers and I’m terrified it’s me next. New & better things are coming your way. Take this time to welcome new things. Sending good vibes your way lady,” a third said.

Ringle explained in the comments section that she was given severance, but the company didn’t offer an explanation as to why she was fired. However, many expect the U.S. to officially enter a recession, making job eliminations inevitable. Recently, another TikToker shared how she was similarly fired from Shopify while working from home, with the e-commerce company hitting “the kill button” on her computer.

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