‘I Would Feel So Trapped’: ‘Chad’ Harasses Woman On Airplane Via Air New Zealand In-flight DMs

A woman went viral on TikTok after she posted a video of messages she received from a man via her plane’s seat screen.

“There’s no way this happened on my flight,” user Georgia-May Davis (@georgiamaydavis) wrote via text overlay.

The clip features the user Georgia-May Davis (@georgiamaydavis) showing messages from a fellow passenger named “Chad” in Seat 4C. She shows the first message he sent to hear seat screen, ”how are you?”

However, he quickly became presumptuious.“Where u stayin?” he wrote in the next message. Davis looks shocked as she replies, “What?”

“I tryna hit,” he responds. After that, she blocks him.

The TikTok video has been viewed 3.1 million times as of Saturday. The comments were flooded with questions, with many wanting to know what airline offered seat-to-seat messages during the flight.

“What airline does this omg,” one user asked.

“WAIT WHAAAT AIRLINE?” a second user questioned, “I want to do this.”

“What airline is thissssss lol,” a third wondered.

Davis answered that she was on Air New Zealand. Some viewers accused her of the video being fake, since her ex-boyfriend was named Chad.

“We all know it’s the person next to you lmao,” one commenter accused.

“Why did u stage this with someone ur flying with tho,” a second agreed.

“Ain’t no way this is real LMAO,” a third said.

Davis, however, assured TikTokers that the incident was real. “My ex-boyfriend was called “Chad” so trust me when I say it wasn’t,” she wrote in a comment. “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Several others said they’ve had similar experiences on flights.

“Omg this happened to me years agoooooo I was so shook,” one person shared.

“When i was on a train in germany a guy airdropped me a messaged saying a was cute LOL,” a second stated.

“Me and my sister talked to this random dude on the plane,” a third commented.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first incident where a passenger attempted to chat up someone via a plane seat screen. In May, a TikToker named Steph tried to flirt with her through the plane’s seat screen while on an Aeromexico flight. She immediately declined the message.

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