‘Is It Surely Not Less Effort To Just Knock And Deliver It?’: Hermes Delivery Driver Caught Taking Photo Of Package Before Walking Off With It During ‘Attempted Delivery’

A woman captured a delivery driver from parcel delivery service Hermes—now called Evri—walking off with her package.

In a TikTok posted by Helen (@helenclairexo) on May 5, a man brings a package to the front door of a house, takes a photo of the package, and then walks away with the package.

“That moment when you realize Hermes ‘attempted delivery’ isn’t delivering your parcel,” Helen wrote in the video’s overlay text.

On Monday, Helen’s video had over 2 million views.

Many commenters were confused by the delivery driver’s actions.

“At [that] point you’ve walked all the way up the drive is it surely not less effort to just knock and deliver it?” @ariaisanxious commented.

“How do these ppl not think that most ppl have cameras nowadays???” @yeesus2.0 questioned.

“But.. why?” @a_man_on_youtube commented.

Others said they had had similar experiences to Helen.

“£200 worth of presents at Christmas never got delivered to me,” @emma.l.cx commented. “Think I need a camera.”

“Yep happened to me and they got away with it,” @swathiukes wrote.

And some didn’t think the driver stole Helen’s package at all.

“I don’t get why people say he stole it, when it’s apparently an attempted delivery,” @yomenia commented. “Meaning he told Hermes he wasn’t able to deliver it.”

“They take photos when they are returning an item to depot to prove they were at the house,” @q13214 wrote.

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