Teacher Whose Face Burned Off In Campfire Gives Her Husband Permission To Leave Her

Halie Tennant, a teacher from Australia, found her life turned upside down after suffering a miscarriage just three months after marrying her husband, Matthew.
Trying to heal from her grief, Halie decided to go camping for one night; perhaps an evening outside, underneath the stars, would help. She was joined by her friend Kenzie.

That night, Kenzie heard a strange commotion outside her tent — only to find Halie face-down and unconscious in the campfire she'd made earlier.

Halie had somehow tipped out of her folding chair as she dozed off by the fire.

Kenzie pulled Halie from the flames and doused her in ice water. She could already tell her friend had been horribly burned, but she was still alive.

After being rushed to the ICU, Halie was left with burns over her face and body. She went into a coma and then spent the next several months undergoing a series of surgeries.

Halie then gave her husband Matthew a heartbreaking offer: "If this is too much, you can leave."

But Matthew wasn't having any of that.

In the video, you'll meet Halie and see that she has found a new sense of self — and she says she has no regrets about the tragic accident that led her to where she is today.

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