‘Definitely Provocative Messaging’: Woman Turns Down Headphones To Hear What 2 Men Say About Her As She Does Squats

A video went viral on TikTok of a woman eavesdropping on a sexist conversation between two men about her outfit at the gym.

The video features user Brooke (@brookiiieb) doing deep squats with headphones at a gym. While working out, Brooke reveals in the overlay that, “these guys didn’t know that my music wasn’t playing and were talking about my outfit.” She overhears a couple of guys calling her outfit, “provocative messaging.” The rest of the conversation was incoherent. According to Brooke in the comments, she knew the guys were talking about her because “they were having a whole conversation. This is just what I got on video.” Brooke was wearing a tank top and leggings.

Brooke captioned the video, “They thought it was immodest that i was getting into deep squats with leggings lol.”

As of Friday, the video has been viewed 3 million times. Many people in the comments didn’t understand how Brooke’s outfit was considered inappropriate.

“HOW IS THIS PROVOCATIVE?!” one user asked.

“They are grey full length leggings… what’s the problem?!” a second agreed.

“I can’t hear the second part of what they say, but there is NOTHING wrong with your outfit. NOTHING! You look great! Do you! Keep killing it!” a third commented.

“This outfit is pretty modest for gyms today tbh, you’re killing it girl!” a fourth said.

Others were curious as to what would be considered an “appropriate” gym outfit.

“so they just want us to wear hoodies and sweatpants to work out in i guess,” one person stated.

“What are we suppose to wear then,” a second questioned.

“do they want us to wear the baggiest clothes ever??? that would be a hazard no?” a third inquired.


In a follow-up video, Brooke responded to the questions about modest gym attire. It featured her wearing a trash bag. Instantly, it shifts to her giving the camera the middle finger as she shows her outfit: a sports bra and high-waisted legging shorts.

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