Gran Hits Back At Trolls For Calling Her 'Embarrassing' For Wearing Hot Pants

A gran has hit back at trolls who called her 'embarrassing' for wearing hot pants.

Jacqueline Hooton, from Bogner Regis, has gained a bit of a following on social media for sharing videos of her working out and wearing stylish clothes to dispel stereotypes about older women.

However, the 59-year-old has come in for some criticism from people online, who've taken issue with her revealing outfits, saying it's the 'farthest thing from ageing gracefully'.

"It's not ageism, it's showing class and respect for your family. I would be absolutely mortified if my parent dressed and acted like this. Embarrassing," said one.

While another added: "This is the farthest thing from ageing gracefully. If I'm doing TikTok dances at this age take me to a doctor."
Jacqueline has hot back at trolls for saying she's 'too old' for hot pants. Credit: Jam Press
But the fitness instructor says she couldn't care less what people think of her, and said she will dress however she likes.

Speaking to, the grandmother-of-two said: "I’m going to be 60 in February and I am excited.

"I’m not frightened and I’m not apologetic about my age. I want to help other women feel strong and confident in mid-life too.

"The negative narrative on ageing is a great disservice to women.

"Would you tell a five-year-old little girl that she only has around 20 years to be at her best?

"Lots of women approach the age milestones of 30, 40 and 50 with absolute dread because of how ageism affects women in particular."
The fitness instructor posts motivational videos to Instagram. Credit: Jam Press
Her Instagram page, which boasts of 220,000 followers, includes a rang of content, from educational workouts to dancing.

And the majority of Jacqueline's followers are incredibly positive about her confidence.

One fan said: "You look amazing and are so encouraging. The haters are mad at themselves."

"Yes! Be yourself no matter what. We are as young as we feel. Age is just a number," put another.

While someone else added: "With legs like that, it would be a crime to cover them up in trousers."

Jacqueline says she will continue to spread positivity and offer support to other women.

She just thinks it's sad that other people can't be as supportive.
The 59-year-old says she will continue to try and inspire women. Credit: Jam Press
The fitness guru said: "Who would have thought that my work promoting a positive approach to ageing would bring out so much venom and judgement from strangers on the internet?

"But age shaming is just an attempt to control someone by telling them how they should act or dress or behave based solely on their age.

"I won’t stop sharing content that inspires other women to support their health in mid-life and try and live longer and better because of it."

Adding: "Life is precious, as mid-life women we have decades yet to live by looking after our health and with a sprinkling of luck thrown in. So take the steps to thrive through those years.

"There is no way your best years are behind you."

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