‘I Barely Made It To 6’: Gen Z Worker Jokes About Retirement From Corporate Life After 9 Months On The Job, Sparking Debate

A creator on TikTok has sparked debate after making a joke about retiring after just nine months in a corporate job.

In a video with over 1.3 million views, user Grant (@granteverdeen) makes a mock retirement announcement, writing in the text overlaying the video, “POV: Gen Z entering the workforce.”

“After nine months in my first full-time job,” Grant says, “I’m excited to announce that I am retiring.”

Despite Grant’s joking demeanor, the sentiment rang true for many viewers in the comments.

“Ugh I’m 2 months in & I’m tired,” one user wrote.

“Me,” another added. “I lasted 8 months in a ft job before I was DONE.”

“9 months? I just barely made it to 6,” a third shared.

Other users claimed that they were seeking or had already discovered ways to exit the typical corporate work experience.

“I just need a high paying job so i can work for like 3 more years and just buy some land in the woods,” a commenter said.

“Literally me. Worked corporate for 4 years and now am retired at 26,” a second alleged.

Even more, users said that they appreciate Gen Z for redefining the workday and setting boundaries between their work lives and their personal lives.

“Say what you will about gen z but they are the best!!!” a commenter wrote. “They aren’t here for anything that doesn’t compliment their happiness.”

“As a millennial, I’m proud of gen z. Millennials complain about the workforce, while gen z be redefining it,” another offered.

“I believe in this generation,” a third TikToker concluded. “Kind regards, a millennial tired of capitalism.”

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