Former WWE Star Virgil Says He's Slept With 'A Million Women' Around The World

Former WWE star Virgil has made an outrageous claim about his conquests in the bedroom.
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The pro-wrestler shot to fame during the late 80s/early 90s boom period of the WWE, often appearing alongside "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase.

In more recent years, the wrestling legend - real name Michael Jones - has become known by fans for his appearances in AEW under the ring name Soul Train Jones, his bizarre love of Olive Garden, and for his eccentric social media posts.

Now, Jones has made headlines once again after making some outrageous claims about his antics in the bedroom. Yes, despite winning very few championships throughout his lengthy career, Jones claims to be a champion between the sheets.

Speaking to host Vinny Vegas on the Pounding The Meat Podcast, the 71-year-old pro-wrestling star took part in a live Q+A with fans, during which, he was asked: "What's your number, Virgil? How many girls?"

"I don't know. Maybe like... worldwide? Probably like, a million," Jones replied.

Unable to quite comprehend the figure he had just heard, Vegas replied: "Virgil, come on, a million?"
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The former wrestler - who once held tag team gold with The Rock's father, Rocky Johnson - responded: "Yep, you've got, like, how many people in the world?"

Pushing for further clarification, the host asked: "So you’re claiming right now, you’re telling me, your estimated number of women you had sex with is a million?”

"It could have been," Jones replied, to which Vegas pointed out that the number was "more than Ric Flair" - a fellow wrestling legend who is known for his promiscuous reputation.

However, despite delivering the figure with confidence, viewers of the podcast weren't convinced and quickly took to the comments section to call out the WWE legend - with many even going as far as to run the numbers.

"Okay, I did the math," one commenter said. "Virgil was born April 7th, 1951. For him to [have] been with 1,000,000 women, that’s an average of one women every 37.5 minutes of his entire life since birth."

A second added: "No way. Ric Flair was THE man and had 10,000+. Sorry Virgil/Vincent/Soul Train Jones I don’t believe it."

A third fan also ran the numbers, typing in the comments section: "I did the math as well over 40 years of wrestling. About 60 or so a day lol."

Oh, and for those of you that don't follow the grasp, former 16-time world champion Ric Flair - who wrestled his last ever match at the age of 73 last month - previously claimed in a 2017 ESPN documentary to have slept with more than 10,000 women.

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