Former high school's janitor becomes its new principal after studying hard to get teaching degree

For some of us, that makes the planning of our lives really quite simple. Of course, knowing what you want to do with your time on this earth, what ultimate goals you have, what your aspirations look like, doesn’t come naturally to many.
No, in fact, the majority of people rather have to find their feet in the world, trying out different jobs and gaining life experience before they know what they want to do.

That doesn’t make their eventual path to success (and or happiness) any less impressive. Mike Huss became the janitor at Ione Elementary School, California after attending high school there.

As per reports, though, he had never seriously considered a career in education.

Fortunately, his loved ones saw Mike’s potential. To them, it was obvious from the way he interacted with the students at the school, that he was made to help them. They pushed him to get a teaching degree, and eventually he listened.

Today, he’s grown to become his school’s new principal!

“I wanted to show my young son that if your dad can do this, if your dad can be the school janitor coaching youth sports, maintain a good grade point average and become a school teacher, you can accomplish anything in this life, son,” Mike said.

Mike’s colleagues say that his students have a strong connection to him, and many of them will surely be inspired by his career path. What’s more, Mike, who started a summer bike-riding group prior to becoming principal, still walks to school with the kids every Wednesday.

“I think it’s neat when people can stay in their community and there’s opportunities like this. The kids aren’t used to seeing him in the office, so we have kids come in all day long asking, ‘Is Mr. Huss busy?’” the school’s office administrator, Melanie Cortez, explained.

Mike, meanwhile, insists it’s all about helping his students believe in themselves.

“I’m trying to help students believe in themselves that they can accomplish great things if they just stay the course,” he said.

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