'The Parent Trap' Actress Demands 'Justice For Meredith Blake' On Film's 24th Anniversary

The Parent Trap actress, Elaine Hendrix, has sent the film's fans into a frenzy after demanding justice for Meredith Blake in a TikTok challenge.
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The "he's a 10 but..." TikTok challenge prompts users to comment "he's a 10 but ..." followed by an annoying or weird habit that the chosen person does.

Popular videos have included, "he's a 10 but he disrespects his surroundings," and "he's a 10 but still lives with his mom."

But it's Hendrix, who also starred in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, who has clearly become the new undisputed winner of the viral TikTok trend.

Check out her video below:

Her TikTok, which has close to 2 million likes, begins with Hendrix pouring herself a large glass of red wine. The text on the video reads, "He's a 10 but... He had twins he secretly separated at birth when he broke up with their mother and didn’t tell you about it until the twins discovered each other at camp and swapped places to try and get their parents back together.”

Set to Adele's track 'Go Easy On Me', the video continued, "and you not so accidentally run into all of them at the same hotel right before your wedding, so you go on a camping trip to get to know one another, but you’re not a nature girl and the twins know it."

"So the little brats put rocks in your backpack, a lizard on your head, sugar water in your mosquito repellent, and push your air mattress into the lake while you’re sleeping,” she said. “So you lose your sh*t, threaten to ship them to Switzerland and throw a ring at his head. And you’ve never looked back," the TikTok concluded.
Elaine Hendrix starred as Meredith Blake alongside Lindsay Lohan in 1998's The Parent Trap. Credit: Entertainment Pictures / Alamy
The Parent Trap was released in 1998, and was a remake of the 1961 film of the same name. Celebrating its 24th anniversary this year, the film starred Elaine Hendrix as 24-year-old Meredith Blake, a California publicist tasked with promoting a divorced-father-of-two's vineyard.

A young Lindsay Lohan played the role of his twins, Hallie and Annie, who get up to all sorts of mischief trying to break off their father's romantic relationship with Hendrix's character and get their parents back together in the Disney flick.

Meredith Blake has long been deemed the movie's 'villain' after she was revealed to be a gold digger, but now it turns out fans are beginning to have a change of heart.

Hendrix's TikTok eventually made its way to Twitter, where fans began demanding "justice for Meredith Blake" in an interesting twist of fate for the once-hated film villain.

"Being an adult is coming to the realization that Meredith Blake really wasn't the villain. Justice for Meredith Blake," one user tweeted.

Netflix Canada even caught onto the video, tweeting: "we're calling for justice for a woman done wrong, Meredith Blake."

In 2020, the cast of The Parent Trap took part in a virtual reunion for the film's 22nd anniversary. Dennis Quaid, Lindsay Lohan, Elaine Hendrix, and others all reunited for the meet-up which was hosted on Instagram.

During the reunion, Hendrix discussed the reputation of her shady character, Meredith Blake. "At the time, yes, she was a nightmare. But, Meredith has really come around now. Like, there’s a whole generation who thinks Meredith is like, #goals."

And she's right - we should all demand #justiceformeredithblake.

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