‘To The Girls That Ran Out And Didn’t Pay Their Tab…’: Restaurant Worker Gets Payback On Customers Who Didn’t Pay Tab But Forgot Their Glasses

A restaurant worker shared the revenge she exacted on a table that walked out on their tab but left behind a pair of glasses.

TikToker Jessica Guevara (@jurassicah) includes a message “to the girls” who left the establishment without paying and shows what happened to their spectacles as a result in a TikTok that was viewed over 260,000 times.

Guevara says in the video, as the restaurant’s music booms in the background: “To the girls that ran out and didn’t pay their tab.”

“You left your glasses, bitch,” she adds, holding up a pair of glasses. She then slams the glasses on the floor and steps on them, snapping them into two pieces. She continues to stomp on them, crushing at least one of the lenses.

“Hope those were $125 dollars,” she adds in the caption.

Her revenge against the tab-dodger sparked a litany of different reactions from TikTokers. Some remarked that the cost of the patron’s glasses were probably well over double the amount of her tab, but nevertheless supported the worker. “Girl glasses are like $300 omg my soul. But go you,” one said.

This estimate is accurate. According to ValuVision.com, the average cost of a pair of women’s glasses, without insurance, which includes frames and lenses is $351. EPOS Now, a company that sells point-of-sale systems states that 5% of American diners admitted to skipping out on a restaurant bill at least once in their lives.

Several commenters asked for a storytime about the incident, but, as of this writing, Guevara hasn’t updated her TikTok account with any further information delineating the nature of the tab-ditching table.

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