‘I’m Temp Banned From Instacart’: Instacart Shopper Says Customer Called 911, Reported Them As Missing Person While Fulfilling Sam’s Club Order

On Monday, an Instacart driver went viral after scoring a free batch of groceries after a customer canceled an order. In a video with over 3.3 million views, Sunnie shared their haul, which included everything from laundry detergent to tomatoes. As the store was closed and they could not return the items, Sunnie says they were allowed to keep the groceries.

They showed the extent of the haul in a later video.

From there, however, things got a bit wild. According to Sunnie, the customer canceled the order as he thought Sunnie had been kidnapped. He even called 911, Sunnie claims.

To summarize what Sunnie claims happened, they were assigned two orders, the first being an order in the mountains and the second being the order they would eventually get for free.

When delivering in the mountains, Sunnie says they had no service and did not receive messages from the customer. Once they arrived back in an area with service, they discovered that the customer was messaging incessantly, informing them that he was going to call the police.

“Are you sure you ok. Do I need to call the authorities. Are you in trouble,” the customer wrote. Sunnie says they did not receive this message.

“Ok. Calling Instacart and 911 and took a photo of your location,” he later added. At this point, Sunnie says they could receive messages again and told him that everything was fine. Sunnie says he then canceled his order.

However, the damage had already been done. Sunnie says they received multiple messages from Instacart and claims to have been temporarily banned during the ordeal.

Sunnie later made a further video humorously recounting the story.

While Sunnie speculated in a later video that the customer may be suffering from a drug-induced paranoia (they say drugs are common where they live and the areas where they were traveling are safe), many users commended the customer for his attention to Sunnie’s safety.

“That was sweet,” wrote a user. “A little much but he might have trauma and it’s nice that he cared.”

“Stop protect this man at all costs because he really went out of his way and he has every intuition that you were not safe,” echoed another. “We love that.”

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