‘This Is Why I Hate Coming Into The Office’: Worker Complains About Hybrid Schedule, Says She’s Done With All Her Work Before Noon, Sparking Debate

A woman’s video describing the circumstances of her hybrid workplace has sparked debate among viewers. Some have different work environments, while others share in the frustration of the original poster.

The five-second video posted by Dominique Smith (@dashing_dom) shows her sighing, with a text overlay that reads, “This is why I hate coming into the office. (Because) it’s 11:25 a.m. and I’m done all of my work today.”

In the video’s caption, Smith further elaborates on her situation.

“I hate this hybrid schedule lol cause its not even noon and I’m done with all of my meetings and work,” the caption reads. “What am I supposed to do for the rest of the day?”

Some viewers who have different work environments criticized the poster for appearing to complain about their workday.

“That’s my freaking dream job!” one commenter wrote. “Try working in fast food for two years and you’ll be crying for a boring office job! Office workers are so entitled!”

“For real, they complaining about being bored at work while getting paid,” another commenter wrote. “I fucking wish lol.”

“That’s heaven,” a viewer said. “There’s ppl standing all day for 10 to 12 hours in Amazon warehouses.”

Others shared Smith’s frustration, also allegedly working office jobs that they believe do not require a full eight-hour workday.

“Yesssss,” one commenter wrote. “This is me every damn day. Like I could be home doing other things.”

“Same!” another wrote. “I hate the days I have to be in the office. Let me stay home and be PRODUCTIVE with both work and personal stuff. Eesh.”

“Same,” a viewer agreed. “I go in three days a week and always done by 10 a.m. I just want to work from home full time man. The work gets done 100% no matter where I am.”

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