‘They Can’t Read The Room’: Buffalo Wild Wings Server Waits In Kitchen Because Last Table Won’t Leave

A Buffalo Wild Wings server posted a now-viral video of herself standing in the kitchen and waiting for the final table on the restaurant’s floor to leave.

Litzy Ruiz (@cool_beans118) posted the TikTok on July 26. The video shows her wearing her uniform in a Buffalo Wild Wings kitchen while eating an onion ring.

“It’s closing time but you still have a table that won’t leave,” Ruiz wrote in the video’s overlay text. “Leaving you to be the last server.”

Ruiz’s video is set to sad piano music. On Monday, her video had over 400,000 views.

Commenters on Ruiz’s TikTok related to her experience with the notorious final table all too well.

“They can’t read the room and see everyone sweeping and wiping tables,” @ashniicoleee commented.

“They leave a mess everywhere and don’t leave a tip,” @koolkidheidi wrote. “Makes me wanna quit every time.”

“Like GO HOME! I wouldn’t be caught dead being the only table at a restaurant after hours!” @annic420 added.

Other commenters shared what steps they take to ensure that that last table gets the hint.

“I tell them as soon as the kitchen closes I’m closing their tab,” @rociomanri commented. “So I don’t have to wait for them to leave.”

“I’ll just politely tell them to leave,” @amer.aboukoura wrote. “It’s that simple.”

“That’s when u start vacuuming around their table,” @awholebagofjellybean commented.

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