Ben Affleck Knows How Lucky He Is For 'Second Chances' After Years Of Hurting People

Ben Affleck is opening up about a lot of things in a interview with The Wall Street Journal. The 49-year-old actor and director is transparent as he talks about his rekindled romance with Jennifer Lopez, but he also shared just how grateful he is because he knows that not everyone gets "second chances."
He considers himself extraordinarily lucky that way, especially because he knows he hasn't been an angel. Ben's struggles with alcoholism led to the darkest parts of his past and cost him a lot. In the end, he says the suffering he went through ended up being the "cure" for his alcoholism.

Now he seems to be in a truly great place. "I am very lucky in my life that I have benefited from second chances," he told the outlet. "And I am aware that other people don't even get first chances."

Ben is a rich, charming, and charismatic guy. He's extraordinarily likable, and clearly that goes a long way in terms of getting those second chances. But it seems like he isn't taking his second chance with J.Lo for granted. He even said that he believes one of the most important things in life is "being a good husband."

That comment reveals a lot about where Ben's head is these days. He seems happy, excited, and hopeful about the future. Sources close to the couple also say he's planning on spending the Christmas holiday with J.Lo, and giving her a very special gift.

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