Starbucks Worker Issues Psa To Customers Who Order Bacon Gouda Sandwiches During Rush

Preparing sandwiches at Starbucks during rush periods can cause a lot of stress. But preparing multiple sandwiches at once, with only one oven and a hoard of angry customers? That can be even worse, claims Starbucks worker and TikToker Hannah.

In a video with over 53,000 views, Hannah recounts an experience on the job when seemingly everyone ordered the same sandwich: the Bacon, Gouda, and Egg Sandwich.

“They all ordered bacon goudas. We only have one oven. They proceed to get mad that we cannot make 500 bacon goudas at once,” she recalls. “We are now out of bacon goudas.”

Hannah also lip-syncs to audio that sarcastically announces that she is “in a fantastic mood.”

According to Mashed, “All the food items at Starbucks arrive frozen and are reheated to-order.” This means that, once a restaurant runs out of sandwiches, the employees cannot simply make more.

As one user in comments explained it, “my fav was ‘wdym ur out of *sandwich* just make another!’ sir i regret to inform you your sandwich was frozen and shipped here in a box last week.”

Furthermore, given the average Starbucks oven’s relatively small size, it is not possible to heat up many sandwiches at once. This means that if multiple people need sandwiches heated, wait times can increase dramatically.

In the comments, apparent Starbucks and other food service workers shared in Hannah’s pain.

“Us at chipotle last night when there was 19 orders due from 5-5:10 and the doordashers got mad that they had to wait a while for orders,” a user remembered.

“I do not miss this,” a second stated.

“We were out of iced coffee and bacon Gouda so imagine that,” a third claimed.

Overall, users were appreciative of Hannah for handling the situation.

As a TikToker shared, “thank you for your service soldier.”

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