‘Yall Wonder Why Your Staff Is A Revolving Door’: Amazon Driver Says He Was Scheduled To Deliver 326 Packages In One Shift

A video of an Amazon driver went viral on TikTok after revealing how many packages he had to deliver in one shift.

The video features the TikToker, Cameron Smiley (@camshaftsmiley) sitting in the front seat of his Amazon van.

“I just want you all to witness the pure fuckery that is going on in this damn van,” he starts. “Because I don’t know how they put one person to deliver 326 packages, 180 stops.”

Smiley then shows the mountains of packages in the back of the van, including 21 bags each containing a number of packages. He then claims that the situation is made worse by the warehouse manager, who Smiley says has a terrible attitude.

The TikToker elaborates on the failure of management in the caption of the video.

“Yall wonder why your staff is always a revolving door,” he wrote, referencing Amazon’s high turnover rate of employees, which was up to 159% in 2020. “And then to make it worse you have big musty nasty attitude MANAGEMENT that kill the environment every time they’re around. I’d name drop but lemme secure my new job first. You can tell how personally unhappy this troll is. Always nasty energy and a nasty attitude.”

The criticisms Amazon has faced for the company’s treatment of its employees are no secret. Many Amazon workers like Smiley have similarly taken to TikTok to share their grievances. In May, Amazon workers in Minnesota staged a walkout to protest low wages and a lack of time off. Another incident in January relayed an Amazon worker’s race to eat and sleep during a 90-minute break between warehouse shifts.

Smiley’s video has received over 147,000 views since it was posted on July 14, resonating several alleged former Amazon workers as they agreed with Smiley as to why they quit. A few noted that his workload was a result of the company’s Prime Day on July 12 and 13, which offers exclusive deals for Prime members.

“That’s prime day aftermath & I finally said, goodbye to Amazon last week,” one user shared.

“Yeah that’s too much… I lasted there only 4 months smh,” a second stated.

“I had 397 packages 190 stops all apartments and businesses prime week,” a third recounted.

“Lmfaoo yoooo I quit after my first break. Went to chipotle and just sat there w the van,” a fourth said.

“And that’s why I quit,” a fifth wrote.

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