‘They’re Basically Wanting Me To Go And Do Someone Else’s F*cking Work’: Amazon Driver Complains Of Surveillance Cameras, Says She’s ‘Quitting’ Because Of How They Treat Drivers

An Amazon delivery driver says she is “quitting” her job, complaining about the surveillance cameras in her van and about being asked to “do someone else’s work” in a now-viral TikTok.

In the video posted by TikToker Nataly (@iamnatduh_) on Aug. 7, she shows the surveillance camera mounted near the rearview mirror of her van.

“So this is why I’m quitting. They have it installed in every single fucking van,” Nataly says in the clip, panning to the multiple packages at the back of the van. “And I have all this shit still, and it’s already 5:30pm, and after this, they’re going to ask me to go and rescue someone else. They’re basically wanting me to go and do someone else’s fucking work.”

She continues that Amazon wants her to “put the seatbelt on for every single stop,” using the cameras to enforce this policy.

The video has reached over 927,000 views as of Wednesday, with some commenters criticizing her for not wanting to wear a seatbelt between every delivery.

“Why did leave amazon? They made me put on my seat belt every time I drove their van,” one wrote.

“Driving without a seatbelt is against the law so,” another said.

However, several others came to her defense, blasting Amazon for surveilling their drivers and requiring seatbelts between deliveries on the same street. In a comment, Nataly explains that the sensor “notifies dispatch right away” if she doesn’t buckle her seatbelt when the vehicle is moving.

“Every comment from a person thinking she’s just complaining obviously hasn’t worked a package delivery job,” one user said.

“Postal service and ups don’t wear seat belts. Everyone in the comments try understanding having to put your seatbelt on and off 400 times for 200 plus,” another commenter wrote.

“Nah cause 2 weeks after I started they installed those and I was like nah I’m out, and the driving tracker safety score was so sensitive smh,” a third added.

“For those who think that I was complaining about the job, no. I was complaining about how they treat us,” Nataly says. She claims to have been a delivery driver for Amazon for 2.5 years via a contracted position, and says she’s seen Amazon “get worse over the years.”

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