Couple Aged 93 And 88 Marry After Meeting On

An elderly couple has tied the knot after meeting on a dating site and is inspiring others with their love story.
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As reported by People, 93-year-old Robert Marshall and 88-year-old Anne Cooper-Menguy's tale began after Marshall came across Cooper-Menguy's online dating profile in October 2019.

For him, Anne's picture captured him, making him feel an "unbelievable force" and he knew from that very moment that she was the woman he wanted to share the rest of his life with.

After two years, the newlyweds got married and share their story in hopes of encouraging other people - regardless of age - to never give up on finding love.

Check out their wedding pictures below:

Both Robert and Anne were widowed before logging onto The wife said that most older people consider it the "end of an era" when they lose a partner, but today, people are "healthier and living longer".

Anne has a daughter, Myla Pridgen, a son, Kjell Purnel, four grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren while Robert has two daughters, Gabrielle Salomon and Annette Franey, three grandchildren, and one step-grandchild, per the East Hampton Star.

Before Robert - who has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology - came across Anne's profile, he said that he had already been using the dating website for about two years and probably went through "10,000 pictures" and "100 telephone conversations".

But one day, he saw Anne's picture in what he describes meant "more than a thousand words," and made him want to contact her just from the photo.

Their first date was at a French restaurant and Anne said she thought Robert looked like Sam Spade - the private detective from The Maltese Falcon - when she saw him standing on the corner in a trench coat waiting for her outside her apartment.

"I started to fall in love with him right off the bat," Anne told People. "He's got gentleness mixed with strength. He's everything I ever dreamed of in a man since I was little."
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The couple went on a Caribbean cruise for two weeks in March 2020, and when they returned, New York's COVID-19 lockdown had begun so they decided to quarantine together.

During quarantine, Anne - who is an interior designer - spent most of her time at Robert's home in East Hampton and redecorated his New York apartment after it flooded.

After their cruise and quarantine, the couple officially got engaged on Christmas, and on June 11, they had their East Hampton Point nuptials.

The bride dazzled in a pink dress with a lacy top and said: "It was the best wedding ever. The whole room was full of nothing but love, both sides of the aisle."

Robert also said the special day is embedded into his memory forever, and that they "touched so many souls" and are both "so happy" to have found each other.

The couple vowed to dedicate their lives to making sure the other is healthy and happy, and also had some funny promises such as Robert allowing Anne to watch Fox News three hours a week, and her letting Robert rant about Trump three hours a week.

"We have such a strong, sincere, warm love," Anne said. "It's contagious."

Congratulations to Robert and Anne!

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