6-Year-Old Girl Is Enjoying Shallow Water At A Hawaiian Beach When She Gets Hit By A Shark

A 6-year-old girl was in for the biggest surprise of her life when something bumped into her at the beach. She turned around to discover it was a shark.
Anela Rezentes was playing in the water at Kalama Beach in Kailua, Hawaii. Her mom was just feet away, taking video of her playing in the waves. When Anela came running toward her in tears saying there was a shark, her mom was in disbelief.

"By the time she came out of the water, she was hysterical," Sheri Gouveia told KHON2.

"I was like oh my gosh. So I ran up, but I was looking for it but couldn't see it. I didn't realize it was actually a shark. That's what shocked me."

The shark was a blacktip shark, known to be timid and feed on fish in shallow water. Thankfully, Anela made it out of the water unharmed, but things could have ended up differently had the shark felt threatened.

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