World War II veteran gets surprise of a lifetime for 99th birthday by city's first responders

The brave men and women who served in the World Wars deserve to be celebrated for their bravery and courage. This 99-year-old World War II veteran is still around and his community made sure to show their appreciation...
Joseph Taylor Jr. joined the United States Army in 1942. He served bravely in the Second World War and also served in the military after the war had ended.

The veteran these days leads a quiet life and did not expect anything of note to happen in his final years. Until his neighbors and community had an idea of how to honor the brave man.

For his 99th birthday, his neighbors contacted the Brunswick Fire Department and the Brunswick Police Department and came up with a special surprise for the deserving veteran.

They held a parade to honor him for his 99th birthday. And the retired soldier was indeed surprised. He told the media, “I didn’t think that would happen to me. People don’t do that for me. But they did. It was nice of them.”

In all his years of living in Brunswick, this is the first time a surprise like this was executed in his honor. Taylor Jr. grew emotional over the outpouring of love and appreciation he received from his community, saying a few times that things like these do not normally happen to him.

Today the Brunswick Police, Brunswick Division of Fire, and Brunswick VFW/American Legion posts got to celebrate the...

Posted by Brunswick Ohio Police on Thursday, July 21, 2022

Joining the parade and celebration were members of the Brunswick VFW and American Legion, who all came to honor the WWII veteran.

Speaking to the media, Brunswick Fire Chief Greg Glauner said of Joseph said, “He’s a survivor. He’s one of the last World War II veterans still alive today, so we wanted to come out and honor him.”

When Taylor Jr. was asked about his secret to living to 99 years, he simply replied, “You have to live clean and throw the bottle away. Not too much bottle, that’s bad for you.”

Everyone hopes to celebrate his 100th birthday with him next year. Joseph however is unsure whether his next birthday will roll around, he said to the media, “I don’t expect to see you here next year, but I hope to be here.” He further added a funny comment, “Maybe I’ll grow a beard.”

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