‘I Hover Over That Submit Button For Five Minutes’: Remote Worker Shows How He Has To Wait Until Exactly 5pm To Clock Out Of Work

A remote worker shared the exact moment he was able to clock out of work—at 5pm—in a viral TikTok.

TikToker Bryan Ferreira’s (@bryanferreira) video shows his computer screen with a timer counting down to 5pm by the second.

He hits the “clock out” button at 5pm on the dot via a computer software called Automatic Data Processing (ADP). “Always on the ready for 5:00:00 PM,” Ferreira added in the caption. The TikToker later revealed in the comments section he works as a collections specialist and assists in sales and customer service. Ferreira told the Daily Dot via Instagram direct message that while ADP allows employees to clock out at whatever time they choose, his employer doesn’t allow workers to clock out before 5pm.

Ferreira also logs out of RingCentral in the video. RingCentral is a cloud-based phone system that different businesses use to deliver team messages and conduct both video conferences and phone calls.

His video was viewed over 1.5 million views. Viewers in the comments section resonated with the video, noting they are all too familiar with both ADP and RingCentral.

“I hover over that submit button for five minutes,” one said, referring to the “clock out” button on ADP.

“OMG. The RingCentral max agent will forever give me PTSD,” another said.

“I’m traumatized by the RingCentral ringtone. I need a new job,” another added of RingCentral.

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