Woman Quits Job After Receiving 'Fatphobic' Text From Manager Telling Her To 'Cover Her Stomach'

A woman has revealed that she quit her job after she was "fat-shamed" by her employer for wearing a crop top.

Abigayle Canterbury, who goes by the handle @abigaylecanterbury on TikTok, says that thought she had found a job with no strict clothing policies based on what her fellow colleagues were wearing.

However, just three weeks into the new role, she claims she got "dress-coded" by her manager.

The TikToker explained that she thought the job had a "laid-back environment" and was under the impression that she could wear crop tops and jeans just like some of her other colleagues.

Instead, she received a text message from her manager asking her to "dress nicer" and to "cover her stomach".

Watch Abigayle's video below:

Abigayle shared the unfortunate experience and highlighted in the video that she was only working at the shop for a few weeks when she received a text message about her outfit from a manager.

The message said: "Hey the business owner talked to me yesterday about your clothes. He said please dress something nicer and cover the stomach. Thank you."

Abigayle then asked for clarification on what that exactly meant, and the manager replied: "Just cover all your body, that’s what he means."

Initially, she agreed to the request, but after arriving at work the next day and speaking to her co-workers, she discovered she was the only person to receive the feedback.

As a result, the TikToker said she felt "singled out" by her employer, saying: "That s**t really caught me off-guard and hurt my feelings," adding that, as a result, she had decided to quit.

The video has gone viral and currently has amassed 569K views and 75.3K likes, with many users sending their support to Abigayle, alleging that the behavior was "discrimination".

One user wrote: "So basically you could sue for discrimination… and you [clearly] have it in the text."

Another user said: "I’m glad you decided to quit for the simple fact of principle. What they did to you is not okay. You’re beautiful."

A third commented and said: "He literally [body-shamed] you. They didn’t care about what the others were dressed like but they care about your outfits."

Abigayle also revealed to users on the platform that she was hired for the job in a crop top, which added to her confusion about why she was dress coded at work.

In a follow-up video, Abigayle said the situation escalated when her manager asked her to speak with him and claimed that everything she said would "always come back to [him] one way or another".

During their conversation, she explained that she told her manager how it had felt to be "singled out" over her appearance, adding that she was confused because she works with girls who are "dressed the way I would normally dress".

Lastly, in a third video, Abigayle then disclosed that she’d decided to quit, despite wanting to grow in the business, because her employer had made her feel "bad" about her clothing choices.

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