‘Leaving My White Collar Job To Go To My Blue Collar Job’: Tiktokers Share The 2 Unrelated Jobs They Have To Work

As wages continue to stagnate, more and more workers are seeking second jobs to either make ends meet or have a little extra spending money.

According to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics referenced by Insider, “While fewer workers overall have multiple jobs than before the pandemic, more of them hold two full-time positions now than at any other point, at least since the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ began collecting this data in 1994.”

Sometimes, these jobs can be in wildly disparate fields, such as teachers taking second jobs at Starbucks.

One such case of disparate careers recently went viral after being shared by TikTok user Mary (@chuntislay).

In the now-viral video, Mary compares her “white collar” and “blue collar” jobs, which she says in the comments of a follow-up video are working as a “paralegal for a medical malpractice firm and part time [as a] Whole Foods Amazon shopper.”

The video currently has over 244,000 views.

“Leaving my white collar job to go to my blue collar job bc I have no chill with my shopping and spending habits plus paying off my debt and taking a vacation twice a year,” she wrote in the text overlaying the video.

In the comments section, some users shared their current or upcoming side-hustles.

“My 5-9 is making charcuterie boards after I play scientist all day,” one user wrote.

“No bc I work at a law firm and just applied to a bartending job lol,” a second added.

“MEEEEEEE i work at an office and at a boba shop,” a third claimed.

“Me working at a hospital & then going right after to Sephora for my 2nd job,” a further user stated.

However, others warned against this practice, saying doing so burned them out.

“My blue collar job ran me into the ground smh,” a commenter recalled. “I do miss the extra coins though.”

“Im honestly so exhausted from working multiple jobs and going to school at the same time,” another shared. “I want to do this but am way too burnt out.”

In her follow-up, Mary says she can physically afford to work two jobs because her day job is low-pressure.

She also echoed a viral video from earlier in the month after saying that she picked up a second job partially for mental health reasons.

“I also cannot sit in my thoughts for too long so staying busy is more for my mental health than anything,” part of the text overlaying her video reads.

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