‘Don’t Make Me Ever Go Back Into An Office Plz’: Remote Worker Says She’s Able To Clean While Working From Home, Sparking Debate

Two years into the pandemic, people have developed strong opinions about working from home. So when this TikToker shared her thoughts on balancing a remote office schedule with housework, commenters were quick to chime in.

“Once you can find the balance, working from home is elite,” TikToker @alliepape wrote over a video of herself working at the computer. “Yes, I had 8 meetings yesterday, and got all my work done, but you know what else? I cleaned the bathrooms, did 2 loads of laundry, played with my dogs, and worked out. WFH forever.”

In the TikTok’s viral caption, she added, “Don’t make me ever go back into an office plz & ty.”

This is a common argument in favor of remote work, because if you have the kind of job that involves gaps in your schedule, you may as well use them to do something useful instead of wasting time at the office. Plus, a lot of people are frustrated by having to commute. That being said, @alliepape’s experiences are far from universal.

As this TikTok began to go viral, many people commented with their own versions of @alliepape’s WFH story. “I work from home and always pick a few extra things to get done,” one wrote. “Today is laundry, repot a few plants and prep dinner and baby formula.”

“Right.. work from home has improved my quality of life and my families also!” another commenter wrote. “Getting little errands done on my lunch break is life changing lol.” Of course, some others did express their doubts, asking @alliepape for advice on how to follow this kind of productive schedule instead of slacking off between tasks.

Meanwhile, people who didn’t have this kind of flexible workplace expressed their envy, with one TikToker replying, “I wish. We have a productivity per hour—nearly makes it impossible to get up.”

While some people do dislike WFH (for instance because it’s inconvenient to work at home with noisy kids or roommates in the background), the reaction to this TikTok does reflect the widespread acceptance of remote work. Many white-collar workers have come to realize that WFH is both more efficient and more enjoyable—often causing conflicts with bosses who want employees to return to the office.

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