‘Are Y’all Hurting For It?’: Tiktoker’s University Hounds Him For Outstanding Bill Under $2

A TikToker has gone viral after claiming the College of William & Mary sent him emails asking about unpaid fees for 8 months. The total amount user Joseph’s (@jo_sif) $1.3 billion-endowed university was asking for? Less than two dollars.

In the now-viral video series, Joseph replies to the emails with hilarious results. His initial TikTok video currently has over 665,000 views.

“Are you guys hurtin for the $1.96 or do y’all got this,” his first response reads.

In response, he received two emails confirming that Joseph still owes just under two dollars. One notes that the charge is a fee for printing on campus.

“Yeah but since it’s been 8 months im assuming there are no consequences of not paying it right?” he asks in response. “Unless you guys are really hurtin’ for it. are y’all hurting for it?”

After a week with no response, Joseph sent another email claiming that the lack of response must mean the charges have been waived.

The university has not yet responded to this email.

In comments, users shared similar stories of being hounded for small bills.

“Lmfao I just got a medical bill in the mail for a covid test I took and they deadass want $10,” one user wrote. “Girl what.”

“I had a 25-cent bill all my years of college,” a second recalled.

“I once got a doctor’s bill for 32 cents…. the cost of the stamp was 50 cents,” a third claimed. “MAKE IT MAKE SENSE.”

“University of Michigan did me the same way over $73,” another alleged. “Like are yall really gonna die about that or what???”

Some had theories as to why the billing department was being so insistent.

“It’s all accounting. Outstanding invoices are a nightmare regardless of the amount and they’re probably just trying to close out their books,” a user argued.

“They have to do it for taxes,” another added. “The books will be off.”

Joseph remained unconvinced. “I guess they’ll be off then,” he wrote in response.

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