’This Is Exactly What My Roadhouse Looks Like Every Night’: Texas Roadhouse Server Says 21 Are Servers Clocked In—but No One Refills The Ice Bin

A Texas Roadhouse employee went viral on TikTik after she claimed 21 servers were working at once—but none of them filled the ice bin.

In a 7-second clip, user Liv (@oligonzo_) reveals a beverage station containing two ice bins. Both of them were nearly empty at her Texas Roadhouse location, despite her noting in the text overlay that there were 21 servers on the clock. “When people act like they don’t see that the ice is empty,” she wrote.

Liv captioned the video, “This drives me crazy.”

Her video received over 517,000 views since it was shared July 18. The video resonated with viewers, as many shared their own experiences in the restaurant industry in response.

“Olive Garden but we only had 3 servers lmao,” one person shared.

“This is exactly what my roadhouse looks like every night I had to look and see if you were one to my coworkers,” a second one wrote.

“This happens to us when we regularly have 4-8 servers BUT 21?????” a third asked.

“I worked in the kitchen at red [lobster] and I can’t tell you how many times I would grab the servers ice,” a fourth wrote.

Others immediately knew the restaurant was Texas Roadhouse by the drink stations and the hefty number of servers on staff.

“i KNEW this was TXRH as soon as i saw it haha. always like 2-3 servers who are the only ones to ever get ice,” one user commented.

“As soon as I heard 21 servers I knew this was texas roadhouse,” a second one said.

“How did I know it was roadhouse right away,” a third joked.

“Worked there for 4 years and I know a Texas Roadhouse drink station / tea when I see one,” a fourth stated.

In the comments, Liv shared an update on the status of her location’s ice bin. “Yes multiple people went back to get ice btw,” she wrote. “There was like 5 of us who went back at once when we noticed no ice. Our bin don’t stay empty too long. It was a busy night .”

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