Restaurant Worker Quits Job After Managers Find Tiktok Videos Of Her ‘Talking Sh*t’ About Her Co-workers While Drinking Wine

A woman’s video, in which she claims she quit her job after her managers reprimanded her for making work-related TikToks, recently went viral.

In the videos her managers reportedly mentioned, @supershawt says she “talk[ed] shit…in the company shirt while drinking wine.”

Her video recounting the experience currently has over 1.4 million views.

It’s unclear which video specifically caused her to be reprimanded as @supershawt has posted several videos of herself wearing a work shirt while complaining about her negative experience at her new job, including one where she speculates that she may have committed a fireable offense.

However, the TikToker speculates most likely candidate for the video in question is the following, where she states her belief that the “worst breed of people are the people that live for the drama and claim that they don’t.”

“If you like the juicy shit, own it,” she says in the video. A small bottle of Sutter Home Pink Moscato is visible on her desk.

In her viral video, she cites this clip as why she thinks she was asked to see her managers.“If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you know that two managers pulling you into the office is a huge red flag,” she says.

Once she was inside, she was told she was being reprimanded for her use of social media. “Could this be the fact that I recorded 60 seconds of me talking shit about you guys in the company shirt while drinking wine, or was it something else?” she speculates in her video.

She then claims her managers said they would have to send her home for the day and that HR would reach out to her. She claims to have quit in response.

“They can all get fucked,” she concludes at the end of the video.

In the comments, TikTokers supported @supershawt’s move of quitting before being fired.

“‘HR will reach out to you’ they really think you care that much,” wrote one user.

“Literally me,” a second user added. “I have quit on the spot to avoid confrontation.”

“When they say to go home for the day and you say you won’t be returning… i love that harmony,” a third wrote.

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