‘Just A Taste Of What I Have To Deal With’: Bartender Throws Limes At Customer As He Walks Away

A bartender experiences unique on-the-job issues. They may lose their voice after shouting over loud music for hours, get harassed by drunk patrons, or in the case of TikToker Jemima (@jemimajune_), have to find unorthodox ways of getting the attention of absentminded customers.

In a now-viral video, Jemima shows herself preparing a drink for a customer, who proceeds to walk away without paying. In response, Jemima grabs slices of lime and throws them at the man to get his attention.

“I need money for that,” she tells him. “You can’t just not pay for your drink.”

In the text overlaying the video she added, “Just a taste of what I have to deal with when I’m bartending.”

Her TikTok currently has over 5.9 million views.

Jemima appears to be working at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row in Nashville, Tennessee. The bar is located on Broadway, a street known for its active nightlife.

In the comments section, users offered their thoughts on Jemima’s job and the events in the video.

“…they deadass will be upset at you for asking for payment,” one user wrote.

“I used to work on Broadway and I could never go back,” another added.

Others told their own bartending stories, giving their tips for dealing with customers who forget to pay.

“I throw ice alllllll the time…” a commenter claimed.

“Been a bartender for 4 years now,” a second alleged. “One thing I have learned is make people pay first before they can get their drinks.”

While many supported Jemima, some said the man in the video who forgot to pay may have simply been too intoxicated to pay full attention to what was going on.

“But what if you’re really drunk and don’t even know what you’re doing anymore and you just forgot,” one user stated. “Not justifying it ,just saying it could happen.”

In response, many users responded by saying that if one is too drunk to remember their order, it’s likely time for them to stop drinking.

“Then you shouldn’t be getting another drink,” one user said in response.

“Bartender here!!” another added. “If you’re that drunk and you know you’re incapable of being responsible, it’s time to go home.”

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