‘They Guilted Me Out Of Getting My Iced White Mocha’: Starbucks Barista Puts Other Baristas On Blast For Complaining

As more and more Starbucks baristas are flooding to the app to give anecdotes of their day, one TikToker, who also works at Starbucks, is calling out those creators for complaining about making especially complex drinks.

With the rise in “secret TikTok recipes,” complex orders in Starbucks have become increasingly commonplace in the U.S.—but for some, baristas complaining about it has gone too far.

Imitating the “world’s smallest violin” with the viral TikTok sound, user @varatony is in their Starbucks apron while the on-screen text reads: “Me when I see Starbucks baristas complaining about making Starbucks drinks while they’re clocked in at Starbucks.”

In the description of the TikTok, which has amassed nearly 800,000 views, the user added, “Like, I understand (look at my apron) that some customers are rude, but I’ve seen a lot of you complaining about innocent light ice, extra shot, etc requests, GIRL THAT’S LITERALLY YOUR JOB MAKE THE DRINK.”

The comments section is full of users agreeing with the TikToker, with one commenter revealing: “They guilted me out of getting my iced white mocha.” A second claimed that it got “to the point where people feel bad for asking for adding a little something extra.”

“I’m tired of baristas giving me dirty looks for ordering a frappe,” another commenter added. “Like, I’m sorry it’s more work than other drinks, but it’s still your job girl.”

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