Workers Allegedly Play ‘Male Screaming Sound Effects’ With Only One Customer In Restaurant

A TikToker alleged that workers played “male screaming sound effects” while she was the only customer in a restaurant, and viewers think that was their way of getting her to leave.

TikToker Mera (@mera_carlsjrangelgirl) posted a video of herself sitting in the restaurant while trying to enjoy a salad. At least two screams ring out in the background.

“This restaurant is playing like male screaming sound effects???..loudly. I’m literally the only customer here,” the text overlay reads.

The video has been viewed over 1.1 million times since Mera posted it on May 11. It’s unclear if the video is staged. In an older one of Mera’s videos, the same green chair and brick wall are featured, indicating she’s at the same restaurant. Only, in the older one, she’s claims to be a worker.

However, most viewers took her new video at face value and speculated the workers used the screaming noises to get her to leave.

“They want u OUT girl..” one user said.

Viewers also assumed that since Mera was the only one in the restaurant, she was there around closing time.

“You should probably check what time they close babe,” the top comment, with over 50,000 likes, reads.

Staged or not, others who claim to be service industry workers resonated with the clip and seemingly confirmed this tactic is used by those who want customers to leave.

“I used to play sounds of dogs barking to get customers to leave , this restaurant chose men screaming for some reason,” one shared.

“Help im screaming bc we have literally done this at my work,” a second claimed.

“Yeah they really wanted you to leave bestie we do this at my store,” a third wrote.

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