‘PROMOTED TO GUEST’: Target Worker Quits Her Job In Viral Tiktok

A former Target employee who has posted about working at the company for almost two years announced she quit her job in a viral TikTok.

Set to Hannah Montana’s “I’ll Always Remember You,” a song that connotes a self-deprecating trend about misadventures on TikTok, Brenna (@brennakathleenxo) reminisced about mishaps that occurred during her time at Target while posing in different locations in the store in a TikTok posted on July 17.

“The register where 13 year old boys with fake mustaches tried to buy wine from me,” Brenna wrote in the video’s overlay text. “Offices that I was yelled at in for trying to provide constructive feedback.”

Her video also mentions dealing with Karens at the store’s returns and exchanges counter, covering a shift at the in-store Starbucks, and discovering that a colleague called Target corporate about the videos she made about the store.

“PROMOTED TO GUEST!!!” Brenna wrote in the video’s caption, which included the hashtag “quitting.”

On Monday, her video had almost 520,000 views.

Brenna’s past TikToks have described her stress while working at guest services, drama with drive up customers, and hearing that her job was on the line because of the TikToks she makes about Target. She says she has worked at Target for four years.

Many commenters on Brenna’s video identified themselves as former Target employees and said they were happy to no longer be working at the store.

“The day I promoted myself to guest was the best day of my life,” @tofuscramble commented.

“Nothing was better than realizing I never had to clock into a target again in my life,” @sadbouquet wrote.

“Promoted myself to guest 6 years ago, best decision ever!” @kdubs625 wrote.

Others were sad to see her leave her job at Target because she presumably no longer will make TikToks about the store.

“Will definitely miss the TikToks,” @hannahstorer commented.

“Queen of Target, you will be missed dearly,” @no.livia wrote.

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