‘I Pulled Up To Little Caesars F*cking Shook. Where The $5 Pizza?’: Customer Films New Prices Of Pizzas In Drive-thru

A wave of anxiety is spreading across TikTok after a user claimed that Little Caesars increased the price of its famous $5 hot-and-ready pizzas.

In the video posted by user @officialnailmedown, the user shows a Little Caesars drive-thru menu in San Antonio, Texas. Almost all menu items have paper over their prices defining a new, higher price.

“Y’all, listen, I pulled up to Little Caesars fucking shook,” the user says. “Where did the $5 pizzas go? Where did the $6 pizzas go?”

The video currently has over 247,000 views.

Earlier in the year, Little Caesars made headlines after it raised the price of its $5 hot-and-ready pizza by 11%, reaching $5.55. According to CNN Business, the company stated it was a “new and improved” version of the pizza, offering 33% more pepperoni than the original.

This does not explain the high prices seen in the viral TikTok. However, websites like Fast Food Menu Prices, which document the changing prices in fast food menus, note that the true price of a hot-and-ready pizza changes from state to state.

For example, the site claims that someone in Alabama can expect to pay a total of $6 for a hot-and-ready pizza, whereas a customer in California might pay almost $8.

Still, the rising prices led many on TikTok to note the record inflation currently being experienced in the United States.

“For that price you might as well get better pizza,” one user wrote. “Lets be honest we only came to little creasers because it was cheap.”

“Costco hotdogs and Arizona ice teas are the final bosses for inflation,” a second joked.

Others observed rising prices at other stores.

“Just like dollar tree isn’t dollar tree anymore,” a commenter stated.

“Bruh the frostys at wendys are 1.99 now,” another added.

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