‘Just Have To Sit There In Complete Silence’: Heb Worker Says She’s So Burnt Out That She Has To Disassociate In Her Car After Clocking Out

An HEB employee has gone viral after posting a TikTok of herself “disassociating” in her car after clocking out of her shift.

“Just have to sit there in complete silence,” the employee of the Texas-based grocery chain captioned the video, along with “#burnout.”

In said video posted by TikToker @heyitspamcakess, the woman is seen dissociating by staring off in her car while fiddling with her name tag. This type of disassociating, the process where people disconnect themselves from reality, their actions, or even their own thoughts, is a normal process people experience, especially in times of exhaustion. However, severe cases of dissociation involving trauma can be serious. The video’s text overlay above her says “when your work shift felt extra monotonous and really tests your patience so you disassociate in your car after clocking out.”

“Sometimes you can’t snap out of it,” the woman wrote under the comments.

The video posted on June 10 has racked up over 439,200 views and has stirred up discussion in the comments about working in the service industry.

“How working service be like,” one commenter wrote.

“Working w[ith] people is not it. No one really cooperates. Just fronting for no reason,” another said.

Others chimed in how the art of dissociating is a common occurrence with jobs like these that require talking to people and how they do the same thing after they clock out.

“Me after working curbside,” one user said.

“I sit & think if this is really how I wanna spend the rest of my life & think of going back to school,” a second user commented.

“I just sit. I can’t move, can’t talk. And sit for about 30 minutes,” a user said.

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